Zakat Fund Department at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs provided QR10,843,684 in aid to 638 families eligible for assistance in Qatar in April 2023.
The aid, both periodic and lump-sum, was disbursed to the eligible registered families in accordance with the legal Zakat disbursements and approved mechanisms.
The fund distributed QR 7,003,000 aid provided to eligible families on a monthly basis, while QR3,840,684 was given as lump-sum one-time aid.
The Zakat Fund Department recently issued a bulletin on shares of joint-stock companies for the fiscal year 2022, including the share zakat calculator available on the department's website via the link 2022. The shareholder can calculate the zakat of the shares they own and also pay the zakat due on them.
Individuals and companies can pay their due zakat through the department's website or through the collection offices and points across the country.
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