The embassy of the Republic of Korea and Qatar University (QU)’s Korean Club co-hosted the second edition of the “Hanguk from my perspective” contest at the QU Saturday.
The contest aims at shaping a better understanding about Korea in Qatar by sharing a diversity of views on Korea. The first edition was held last year.
Participants had an opportunity to express how they view Korea from their own perspective by giving a presentation about any topic related to Korea that they find interesting.
They shared their knowledge and interests about a wide variety of areas, which include not only cultural aspects such as Korean art, movie, drama, travel destination and Korean embroidery heritage but also Korean education, technology and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 volunteering experience.
Korean ambassador Lee Joon-ho extended deep gratitude and support to all participants for their strong enthusiasm and love for Korea.
"This is my great pleasure to have a chance to hear a wide variety of opinions about Korea from your own perspective," the envoy said in his address.
"First of all, I truly appreciate Qatar University and K-Club for hosting this wonderful event again following last year,” he said. “I would also like to thank all participants for sharing your valuable and enlightening views on Korea.”
“I am deeply impressed at how well and widely you know about Korea, not only K-pop, K-drama but also Korean tradition, education and technology. It was a very meaningful time for all of us to learn about Korea from different points of view,” Lee added.
"My objective as ambassador here in Qatar is to enhance our two nations’ relations,” he continued. “And I think knowing better about each other is the very first step to strengthen bilateral ties.”
“I believe your valued inputs will promote a better understanding about Korea in Qatar, and it will eventually contribute to further tightening Korea-Qatar relations,” the envoy said. “In this sense, every one of you here today is a Korean ambassador, and I am very proud of you all.”
"Thank you all once again. I hope you keep your enthusiasm and love for Korea in the future and we will always support you,” Lee said.
Korean food and souvenirs were provided at the event.
In a statement, the Korean embassy said it will continue its efforts to promote a better understanding of the diverse and unique features of Korea.
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