A Qatari inventor has won a gold medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva for a smart educational prayer rug that teaches new Muslims and kids how to pray properly.
Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis's innovation, called Sajdah, employs the latest technologies that detect and correct mistakes during prayers and improve the prayer experience using an LED screen. It enables people to select the Holy Qur'an chapters before the start of prayers.
The event took place from April 26 to 30.
Khamis thanked Qatar, the Qatar Scientific Club and the Ministry of Sports and Youth for their great support. He added that he was awarded the MyKenz Influential Innovators Award on the sidelines of the exhibition.
The world's No. 1 exhibition in the field of inventions, the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva displayed more than 1,000 inventions from different countries of the world. As part of its activities, the International Federation of Inventors' Association Executive Committee members were elected, with Qatar winning a seat on its board.
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