Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Law organised a panel discussion exploring the emergence of ChatGPT within the fields of computer science, education, and law, in the latest edition of its Law & Tech Talks series.
Titled “The Use of ChatGPT: Perspectives from Computer Science Education and Law,” the panel featured welcome remarks from Dr Susan L Karamanian, dean, HBKU’s College of Law, and Dr Amal al-Malki, founding dean, HBKU’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). Dr Georgios Dimitropoulos, assistant professor, College of Law, served as the discussion’s moderator.
The Law & Tech Talk panel included Dr Michael J Benedik, provost, HBKU; Dr Roberto Di Pietro, professor, HBKU’s CSE; Dr George Mikros, professor, CHSS; and Dr Philipp Hacker, professor, European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. Together, they delved into the potential implications of AI-powered language generation and its impact on communication. The discussion also centred on the challenges of using AI in legal settings and the future of written essay assessments across all levels of education.
“The reality that AI-powered algorithms such as ChatGPT can achieve high levels of linguistic competence forces us to ask fundamental questions on how we practice law and education. Through initiatives like the Law & Tech Talk series, HBKU’s College of Law is committed to addressing today’s legal challenges with a future-oriented view and awareness of rapid technological developments,” said Dr Karamanian.
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