The attendance of school students amounted to 85% upon their return to classes after the holidays, a number of government schools' managers told local Arabic daily Arrayah.

The educational processes resumed in full swing with all the teaching and administrative staff attending. The students were encouraged to exert more efforts because the final exams are nearing. The teachers are also keen to give the students extra coaching in view of the exams.

Wadiha al-Nuaimi, director of Al Bayan Secondary School for girls, said that the attendance at her school exceeded 85% with most students coming on time to school and the first day went well.

Mohamed Fakhro, director of Abdulrahman bin Jassim Preparatory School for boys, stressed that preparations are underway for the exams of the end of the second term, and students are offered due support accordingly.

Ayisha Shaheen al-Kaabi, director of Al Ghuwariyah School for girls, said that attendance of students on the first day after the holidays amounted to 90% as SMS were sent to parents and students to remind them of the school timings and the need to maintain regular attendance from day one. More focus is given to prepare for the end of school term exams.

Nasser al-Malki, director of Ahmed Mansur Primary School for boys, said that the attendance on the first school day exceeded 88%. Some students could be still struggling to adapt to the new routine of getting up early after the end of holidays. Teachers will try to finish the curriculum within the upcoming two weeks and then the process of getting students ready for exams will start, he added.
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