Al Sailiya Central Market has been witnessing an abundant supply of vegetables of different types over the past few days along with a drop in prices for most varieties, a number of sellers and customers at the market have pointed out.

Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, they stressed that the continuous supply of locally produced vegetables has helped bring the retail prices of most varieties down by around 20% compared to the rates seen during the holy month of Ramadan.

Besides, the market also has a considerably good supply of imported vegetables.

The vegetable prices posted at the market recently included QR10-20 for a box of cucumber depending on the quality, QR15-18 for a box of tomatoes (which may go down to QR5), QR 25-30 for a box of green peas, QR30-40 for okra and QR 15-25 for black eggplants. However, some particular types of vegetables have seen an increase in prices, such as zucchini, which was being sold for QR40-50 a box.

Mohamed al-Mohannadi, a customer, said he visits the market every two weeks and found the prices to be reasonable, especially over the past few days, as big quantities of both local and imported products kept coming to the market.

He also noted that buying vegetables in good quantities from the market saves him a considerable sum of money, adding that the prices at the market are cheaper than those found in other outlets.

Ibrahim al-Kaabi, another customer, stressed that most vegetables are available at the market in good quantities and at reasonable prices. The prices of locally produced tomatoes were low in spite of the end of season coming closer.

He noted that thanks to the use of modern technology, fresh Qatari products are available for most of the year, including the summer months.

Issa al-Mohannadi, a buyer, observed that the supply of vegetables at the market currently exceeds the demand, especially as many families have travelled abroad to spend the Eid holiday.

Saeed al-Abdall, a customer, said even though most varieties of vegetables have reasonable prices, a few types have high rates, such as lemon, whose price has increased from QR18 to QR25 for a box over a short period of time. Some other imported vegetables have also seen a hike in prices, such as lettuce and potatoes, as well as different types of fruits.

Mamduh Abdullah, an auctioneer at the market, said there is a big supply of both local and imported vegetables of different varieties, which has helped bring down the prices by around 20% compared to the rates seen during Ramadan.
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