Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) CEO HE Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani al-Thani has lauded the success of its Ramadan programmes on radio and TV channels and all other platforms during the first half of the holy month.
He was addressing QMC's Ramadan Ghabga Sunday. A number of dignitaries from various walks of life and QMC employees attended.
QMC CEO described the event as a wonderful opportunity for communication, acquaintance and exchange of experiences and knowledge. He thanked the QMC employees for their efforts in making the Ramadan programme plan.
The Ramadan programme plan this year met the expectations of the audiences and provided them with purposeful and varied media. He added: “We thank our guests for their valuable time and their eagerness to participate in this annual gathering.”
The Ghabga activities included excerpts from Ramadan programmes from Qatar TV, Al-Kass TV and Qatar Radio, amid widespread praise from the audience for the success of the QMC in its distinguished programme plan this year.
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