Qatari Forum for Authors in co-operation with Qatar University (QU) launched the first training session for the university public speaking competition. Organised by the Qatari Forum for Authors' Marqat Qatar Speech initiative, the session brought together more than 70 male and female students from Qatari universities.
The contesters presented 15 speeches on various disciplines. Eight speakers advanced to the next stage, while the rest of contesters will be given another opportunity next week. This edition of Marqat Qatar Speech initiative targets the university students and graduates to introduce their academic disciplines through speeches with the aim of refining their public speaking skills.
The session saw the participation of eight male and female trainers who are specialists and interested in Arabic public speaking, supervisors of the initiative, and representatives of Qatar University and the Qatari Forum for Authors. The training focused on communication skills and the arts of recitation. Dr Ahmed al-Janabi, a linguistic expert and supervisor of the initiative, said that the first training session was preceded by an educational and introductory workshop, in order to prepare the speakers for the competitions.
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