Nakilat and HSD Engine have signed long-term engine maintenance and services contract for spares and the maintenance services to maintain the reliability of engines onboard Nakilat’s wholly-owned LNG or liquefied natural gas vessels.
This agreement will further improve the operational efficiency of the vessels’ engines and contribute to the overall LNG fleet availability thereby maintaining Nakilat’s vision of being a global leader and provider of choice for energy transportation and maritime services.
HSD Engine, the second largest ship engine maker in the world in terms of market share, focuses on low-speed marine diesel engines, a key component of the shipbuilding industry, and the construction and maintenance of diesel-engine-based internal combustion power plants.
"At Nakilat, our priority is to increase the operational efficiency of our vessels and maintaining the highest reliability and safety standards, as it gives us the competitive advantage at a time when the company is expanding its reach in the global gas shipping market,” said its chief executive officer Abdullah al-Sulaiti.
HSD Engine chief executive officer Young Youl Koh said through this co-operation, it will seek to contribute to the safe operation and profit creation of the Nakilat fleet.
"Through this contract, we will further strengthen our co-operative relationship with Nakilat, and through the successful implementation of this project, we will strive to become a trusted business partner that provides the highest level of technical services in Qatar and the Middle East," he said.
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