talabat, the region’s leading local tech platform, hosted the 'Leading Ladies Gathering' event in Doha on March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD).
This comes as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to recognise women at the workplace, who comprise 60% of its senior leadership team in Qatar, a press statement notes.
Through this event, talabat brought together influential business women and advocates to share their success stories, discuss challenges and perspectives on career growth and development.
Held under this year’s theme for IWD, #EmbraceEquity, the session provided a platform for attendees to discuss career journeys, accomplishments, challenges and opportunities to build a successful career path.
At talabat, women lead key functions across the organisation that include Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Partnerships, Human Resources, Account Management and t-Mart. On a daily basis, these women along with colleagues across the organisation, bring their professional expertise and passion to drive everyday success and help achieve company goals together.
Mary Haji, Marketing head at talabat, said: “As a woman in leadership, I understand and empathise firsthand with the challenges that women face in the workplace. I acknowledge the extra effort and resilience that each of them show in overcoming these obstacles. At talabat, we are committed to prioritising the creation of a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive and grow.’’
As a leading local tech platform with a strong focus on employee development and growth, talabat has implemented a number of policies that support the career growth of women at the workplace. One of these programmes focuses on leadership-development, and engages employees to deepen their skills and adopt a growth mindset, while embracing a leadership mindset and inspiring the next generation of female leaders at the organisation.
Recent joiner of talabat Clairin Rolland added that “as a new graduate, talabat has been very supportive in helping kick-start my career with a nurturing environment. talabat is an amazing platform for me to discover and develop my potential, and I do feel that I can also be a change agent with a positive impact in the community”.
Francisco Miguel De Sousa, managing director of talabat Qatar, said: “At talabat, providing a supporting and empowering company culture, and an environment that supports career development is a top priority for us. While this has hugely benefited women who are part of the talabat family, we recognise that a larger collective effort is required to further encourage many more.
“This event builds on our ambition to further support women at the workplace and to recognise their success stories at talabat, as they comprise 60% of our senior leadership team here in Qatar. We are proud of their journeys, and to highlight their successful career paths driven by their ambition and dedication”.
Over the years, talabat has built a supportive and empowering work environment for its employees, where women continue to find ongoing support to ensure a healthy work/life balance - with many highlighting flexibility at the workplace as one of the top benefits of working at talabat. Additionally, talabat is one of few private organisations across Qatar that offer a 90-day maternity leave to employees, the statement adds.

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