The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau launched the "Ada'a" system to upgrade the performance of the government sector in Qatar, in line with Qatar National Vision 2023.
The new system promotes work oriented towards achieving goals and results in all government sector practices in the country, which is reflected in the tasks that the employee performs throughout the year and becomes an opportunity for the employee to highlight his achievements and efforts in order to achieve the main goals.
HE President of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa said that Ada'a system constitutes an essential step towards the gradation and fragmentation of the strategic objectives at the State's level to sectoral goals level, institutional goals level, then goals at the level of administrative units and departments, and later the individual goals level, thus highlighting the important role of each employee in achieving the national goals.
Every employee is important and plays a role within a team to achieve goals that fall within Qatar's National Vision. The role of the Ada'a system is to highlight this role and measure the extent of productivity clearly and transparently with continuous motivation and development. The purpose is to develop human resources, which is the most valuable investment and the bet is on them to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030, His Excellency indicated.
His Excellency stressed the importance of developing performance systems for human resources and providing the appropriate environment for creativity and hard and distinguished work to achieve the requirements of comprehensive development in all government agencies, noting: "In the context of the plans of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau, we continue to coordinate with government agencies to build bridges of communication and continue introducing the methodology of the system, while clarifying the principles to build a future vision for the government sector, based on efficiency, innovation, respect, cooperation, responsibility, commitment and integrity at work."
In order to create a more efficient and productive work environment, the Ada'a system targets all entities subject to the civil human resources law, including employees of the government sector in all grades, from excellent and below, for whom, Ada'a presents a new stage to start professional development journey.
Ada'a is a comprehensive evaluation system that allows employees to know their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can improve and develop them. Through this system, the employee's performance is measured in a transparent manner, whereby goals and performance indicators are agreed upon at the beginning of the year between the employee and his direct supervisor, and are followed up during the year. The achievement and what has been accomplished will be measured at the end of the year.
The system will benefit employees of government agencies by creating a space to enhance means of continuous communication and cooperation among employees, enhance the culture of workflow within government sectors, and improve the employee's perspective on the system as systematic and fair, which will contribute to reaching high-quality outputs that reflect the aspirations of the State of Qatar.
The launch of Ada'a system stems from the mission of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau related to enabling sustainable competitive services that achieve the potential of human cadres with excellence, and are based on civil service values, integrity, efficiency, respect, responsibility, cooperation, commitment, and innovation.
These values aim to motivate the capabilities of all workers in the country and raise the level of quality in accordance with the highest levels of professional discipline, job behavior, transparency and ethical dealings.
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