Habtoor Palace Dubai presents the first Bentley Suite in the region with a level of high-end luxury from Bentley. Everything in this suite has a new and distinct story and a story with Bentley. The suite is characterised by hand-crafted touches and unique furnishings that combine comfort and confidence associated with the brand “Bentley”, the specially designed one-bedroom “Bentley Suite”, is located on the fourth floor of the hotel and features a spacious reception foyer, spacious living room, and dining area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful gardens that wrap around the hotel.
Farah Bootwala, Public Relations and Sponsorships Manager at the Habtoor Group Hotels, said that staying at Habtoor Palace Dubai means going back in time to the days of neo-classical interior designs in France. Distinctive hotel service. The hotel also contains relatively large rooms and includes all the necessities of modern life in the hospitality sector. In addition, the hotel provides all amenities and recreation for its visitors through its various facilities, as the hotel includes a luxurious swimming pool of modest size on the roof of the building, in addition to a fitness center that can be used on all around the clock.
Farah, Public Relations Manager, explained that when you are a guest at Habtoor Palace Dubai, you would find yourself standing in front of a huge architectural edifice in every sense of the word. Perhaps the exterior design of this architectural masterpiece is the first element that attracts everyone who passes through Sheikh Zayed Road and reaches the main entrance to this edifice architectural, to add a new meaning to luxury in the hospitality sector in Dubai.
Farah emphasised the most important details of the Bentley suite, which is the first and only of its kind in the region and is inspired by the bespoke craftsmanship of the Bentley car. The leather finishes, colours, patterns and wood veneers of the Bentley suite combine the luster of the Bentley brand and elegance, as the interiors harmonize with the butler service. Habtoor Palace Dubai caters to all needs. The resplendent Royal Suite offers an experience beyond expectation, with separate living and dining rooms, a majlis-style lounge, a private spa room and much more.

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