The Management Science Division of the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) organised the 'Culture and Business Day' Forum, ' bringing together representatives from various embassies and entrepreneurs from Qatar, the US, Japan, India, and Italy. The primary focus was exploring the impact of social culture on business administration methods and practices.
The event, inaugurated by CCQ president Dr Khalid al-Horr was attended by guests, including the US embassy's public diplomacy officer Jae Man Jeon and the Japanese embassy's first secretary (general affairs) and cultural section head Tamami Yoshida. Also present were CCQ deans, faculty members, administrative staff and students.
A panel discussion explored how culture influenced the main aspects of business practices and the impact of cultural factors on entrepreneurship and business administration.The session was moderated by Hamad Mubarak al-Hajri, owner of Snoonu, and featured Brooke Holland, executive director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar; Palma Libotte, founder and director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Qatar; Ashraf K P, managing director of WellCare Pharmacy Group; and Toshikazu Hirobe, managing director of Chiyoda Almana Engineering.
A booth was set up for each participating country to showcase how its culture impacted the way of doing business. The team representing India was announced the winner of the best cultural booth competition.
The forum also featured a mini-exhibition for small businesses where nine CCQ students showcased distinctive businesses across various industries including sports, hospitality, confectionery, beverages, décor, crafts among others. The exhibition attracted a large audience of students and their peers.
Dr al-Horr emphasised that culture is a fundamental component of human beliefs and influences all actions and decisions, including professional endeavours at the job level for individuals and the management level for small businesses and large organisations.
The forum's topic brought together influential figures from the business world, as well as representatives from diverse cultural backgrounds to explore the relation between culture and business and how they impact communication concept and methods.
Dr Ezz El-Din Bakhit, dean of the Management Science Division, stressed the importance of social culture as a critical factor in shaping the thoughts and actions of individuals and social groups, pointing out that culture had a profound impact on communication and administration techniques, and business involvement, all of which led to the achievement of business objectives.
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