The urgent need for global collaboration, and its critical role in paving the way toward shared responsibility in tackling the impact of climate change, was the topic of conversation as Qatar Foundation (QF)’s Education City Speaker Series welcomed the president of the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).
“A sustainable future only exists if we all – developed and developing countries – make it. It is imperative to understand that either we will all make it, or none of us will,” said Csaba Korosi on the topic *Solidarity, Sustainability, and Science: Solutions for a Brighter Future.
The talk touched upon ways to develop a framework for co-operation that is grounded in shared responsibility when it comes to adopting more sustainable practices.
Highlighting the role of small and developing countries in the collective journey towards sustainability, Korosi said: “There are always some countries that play a bigger role in leading such important conversations, and usually it’s small countries that lead them.”
“Having seen the great work done by Qatar, I believe Qatar will be one of the countries leading the conversation on sustainability,” he stated.
Emphasising that climate change is “not science fiction – it is real and happening as we speak today,” Korosi sent a message to the youth attending the talk, saying: “Climate change is not an abstract concept. It is about you, about us, and our shared future.”
“What we do, or fail to do, will inevitably play a role in the future we will live,” he continued.
“Similarly, the solutions that need to be implemented for a sustainable will also be partly your responsibility to implement,” Korosi added. “We need to have a shared understanding, to be conscious that a sustainable future is about you, for you and with you.”
Reminding the audience that we all share one climate, and we are one civilisation, he said: “Science, solidarity and solutions – it all needs to happen together.”
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