Retired Indian Police Service officer Rishiraj Singh, renowned for his social interventions, attended a special assembly at Birla Public School (BPS) recently.
He has a record of visiting over 1,800 schools and addressing over 200,000 students on different topics. He is the author of a famous book titled "Before it’s too late”, written in Malayalam and translated into many languages.
Singh addressed BPS students on the use of mobile phones and the harms of excessive screen time. He gave guidance and motivation on how to maintain proper screen time. He encouraged the students to exercise, give more importance to their health, focus on their hobbies, and give equal importance to studies and sports, as sports help reduce stress. He suggested software such as Jist, Unglue, Screentime, and Qustodio to reduce screen time.
The programme was conceptualised by the teachers and students of grade eight. During a Q&A session, a student asked about the challenges one should be ready to face outside the school, to which Singh said: "Believe in what you are doing, and remember that failure is a part of success".
Academic director and principal Harish Sanduja thanked Singh. Middle School students presented a patriotic dance. The special occasion came to an end with a mime, a non-verbal expression of gratitude to Singh. Ananya of Grade 8 proposed a vote of thanks.
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