A trip to the Dahl Al Misfir cave in central Qatar, south of Rawdat Rashid and off Salwa Road on the way to Abu Samra, is a must for adventure seekers. A 4x4 vehicle is ideal for the off-road stretch, leading to the cave with varying depth, ranging from 40m to 100m. Shoes with good grip is required and the descent and ascent requires a reasonable level of physical fitness too. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has placed Dahl Al Misfir cave within the awareness plan for the Department of Natural Reserves to promote eco-tourism. The rocks in and around the cave are made up of marine sediments that formed in a warm, shallow sea about 40 to 50mn years ago. The age of the cave is unknown, but must be younger than the rocks that host the cave. Inside the cave you can see two main sections of rock: the Damman Formation and the Rus Formation. The base of the Damman Formation is characterised by a 'marker bed' called the Rujm Aid. The term 'marker bed' is used for a section of rock that is easily recognised in a visible exposure, such as along a cliff or in a cave. Studies show there are nearly 9,000 caves across Qatar.