QIIB recently hosted a ‘professional day’ for students from Arwa Bint Abdul Muttalib Independent Secondary Girls School at the bank’s headquarters as part of its CSR strategy.
During the 'professional day', students were briefed on various aspects related to the banking industry, in general, and Islamic banking, in particular, in addition to the qualifications required for personnel to carry out various banking activities.
Ali Hamad al-Mesaifri, QIIB head of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, along with Yousef el-Maraghi, head of Private Banking Services, met with the students and welcomed them along with their accompanying supervisors. They stressed that QIIB pays special attention to supporting education within the framework of implementing its CSR vision.
Al-Mesaifri briefed the students about QIIB and its various stages of development since its establishment in 1990, as one of the pioneers in the field of Islamic banking locally and internationally. He also gave a general overview about QIIB’s integrated services and various activities.
He said: “The visit of students’ to the various institutions is considered one of the most rewarding and important training activities to introduce them to future options for learning and to give them an idea about the importance of associating their academic life with the labour market.
“QIIB will continue to exert the necessary care to implement its CSR strategy, including providing support for academic activities, practical visits of students, and training a number of school and university students during the summer vacation at different departments and divisions of the bank.”
The 'professional day' included an interactive session that focused on various aspects of banking activities, products and services offered by banks, as well as the professional path that should be taken to work in the banking field.
Students were also given a tour of QIIB Banking Hall at the Grand Hamad Street branch during which they listened to a briefing by branch manager Maher al-Kayyali, who spoke about various services provided by the bank, types of accounts, the procedures for opening a bank account, and tiers of customer service in the branch.
In addition, the students visited the Information Technology Department and were given some tips about the technologies used and the working mechanism of banking systems. They were also briefed by experts about the competencies required to work in information technology departments at the banks.
At the end of their visit, the students and their accompanying supervisors, expressed their thanks and gratitude to QIIB for providing them with important details about Islamic banking and real-time banking services, which enriched their experience and gave them the opportunity to develop their knowledge about the banking business and the academic competencies required to work in this field.
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