Qatar Charity (QC) continues to provide relief aid to the sponsored persons, including orphans, people with disabilities, and families affected by the Turkiye-Syria earthquake. It works on providing their basic needs for shelter, protection, and food. The aid comes within the framework of QC's relief efforts for the Turkiye-Syria earthquake and is part of its global orphan care initiative ‘Rofaqa’. QC has equipped a temporary shelter in Harran, a town in Şanlıurfa to house 100 families of orphans whose homes were damaged. It also provided shelter for 25 affected sponsored families in Ankara.
QC distributed 150 bags of clothes to the children of the affected families in Şanlıurfa and provided the basic needs of 50 sponsored families and sponsored 200 new orphans and 30 families in various affected areas of Turkiye. QC continues to follow up on the conditions of those it sponsors to provide them with all kinds of support through its team deployed in various Turkish regions, where there are more than 6,500 sponsored people, including Turks, Syrians, and other nationalities, of whom more than 4,522 were affected.
QC is preparing to implement many projects in Turkiye and within Syria, which will include house rents, temporary shelters, psychological support for affected families, material support, in addition to supporting the sponsored, both orphans and families. QC, through providing this assistance, seeks to improve the living conditions of the affected sponsored families and orphans, ensure their safety and security, reduce the risks of further harm to those rescued, and provide a safe environment for them to recover.
As the number of victims is on rise, QC has urged philanthropists and benefactors in Qatar to support its relief campaign to help the affected and contribute to reducing their suffering. People can also donate through QC’s website ( and app (, in addition to dialing hotline 44290000 for donating. Donations can also be made at QC’s branches and collection points across the country.
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