Qatar Charity (QC), in conjunction with the 2023 World Day of Social Justice, held an essay-writing competition for the sponsored (aged18-24 years) in 13 countries.
This year, the World Day of Social Justice, which is observed on February 20 annually, focuses on overcoming barriers and unleashing opportunities for social justice, as social justice makes societies and economies function better and reduces poverty, inequalities, and social tensions. It plays an important role in attaining more inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development paths and is key for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda).
The topic of the competition organised by Qatar Charitys Child and Family Care Department is about climate issues, which pose a major challenge to achieving social justice, as people are not equally affected by climate change, especially the most marginalised groups of societies.
Therefore, the concept of climate and environmental justice has become closely linked to social justice and human rights.
Those sponsored by Qatar Charity through its offices in Ghana, Mali, Kenya, Djibouti, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Pakistan, Jordan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo, were asked to write an essay of 300-500 words. The best 10 participants will receive prizes.
Qatar Charity will print a book that will contain all the appropriate essays in both Arabic and English after being evaluated by a specialised committee.
There was a good response from the sponsored. The essays were received until the middle of this month. Then, they will be evaluated in preparation for publishing them as a book.
Qatar Charity, through its global orphan care initiative Rofaqa, sponsors nearly 194,000 persons, providing them with social, educational, health, and psychological care.
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