The success of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has given the world a very good and positive impression about Qatar and the region, pointed out Zhu Rui, Assistant Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Currently visiting Doha, Rui stressed he was personally impressed by the great success of Qatar in organising such an amazing tournament and it reflects the highly efficient governance system and stability of the country.
He pointed out that Qatar had faced some unfair attack by the Western media during and before the tournament but China has always maintained its steadfast support for Qatar, and asserted China has been highly confident that Qatar is capable of making major achievements, building on its various excellent achievements in different fields.
"The relations between Qatar and China are deep in history and goes back to 1300 BCE when Chinese ships arrived at the Qatari coasts to link the Gulf region with the old silk road of China. In 1988, diplomatic relations were established between the two countries and for the past 35 years these relations are attaining new heights of excellence for the best of the peoples of the two countries," Rui said.
The senior official said that China has become the largest trading partner of Qatar and the largest importer of Qatari LNG, as the growth rates of both countries exceeded the best expectations over the past few years. Successful relations between Qatar and China have been built on mutual respect and confidence and China views Qatar as an independent sovereign partner on equal terms.
"Over the past few years Qatar made great leaps in different fields meeting all the necessary standards and indicators for building a powerful modern country able to maintain welfare, stability and security for its people," Rui observed while lauding the Qatari development approach and experience with a clear focus on education, technology and innovation.
"In spite of the immense natural resources and wealth, Qatar has opted for sustainable investment and worked to diversify its economy. Both China and Qatar has adopted the path of peace and enhancing mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence among different peoples, as clashes, conflicts and wars would not resolve any thing.
"The constant positive development of the Qatar-China relations is considered very important for achieving more stability in the region. Qatar and China has to keep supporting each other and exchange views and consultations to support the progress of peace in the region and the world and enhance coexistence and exchange among different cultures and civilisations," Rui stressed.
The senior official maintained that his visit with the Chinese government delegation to Doha is mainly to further strengthen the friendship between the two countries and get introduced to more friends in Qatar and the region. He expressed his strong belief that the relations are set to achieve greater heights not just on the official levelsm but also on a people-to-people basis as many Chinese citizens are eager to explore Qatar, and China is ready to welcome as many people from Qatar as possible.
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