Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Clinical Imaging Service has launched the latest entertainment technology to help patients undergoing MRI examinations to overcome their anxiety and fear during the procedure.
The new technology will help reduce the number of patients choosing to undergo MRI examinations under anaesthesia.
Mashael al-Ajeel, assistant executive director, Clinical Imaging Services at HMC, said this technology is considered the latest in the region.
"The new technology uses a screen integrated into the MRI machine to enable the patient to watch their favourite programme or listen to music during the examination," she explained.
“They can use special headphones to reduce the noise of the device and at the same time allow the patient to clearly receive instructions from the MRI technician during the examination” the official added.
Asmaa al-Hadhrami, operations manager of MRI at HMC said the new entertainment technology has been introduced into MRI devices at HMC’s Ambulatory Care Centre, Al Wakra Hospital, and Al Khor Hospital.
“The new technology aims to increase patients’ feelings of psychological comfort while they are inside the MRI machine,” she said.
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