Visa granted QIIB the ‘Excellence in Product Design’ award for the year 2022, in recognition of its achievements in meeting Customer expectations by launching digital payment products that target their needs and reflect an in-depth understanding of Customer trends and their positive outlook for innovative digital payment solutions and Banking Services.
QIIB head (Business Development and Alternative Channels Sector) Omar Abdulaziz al-Meer received the award from Visa country manager (Qatar) Dr Sudheer Nair during a ceremony held at the QIIB Head Office in the presence of Shihabuddin Ahmed, head (Cards Business and Digital Payments Department) at QIIB.
Al-Meer said, “We thank Visa for granting us this award, which reflects the development achieved by the bank and our pioneer role in various fields, especially payment product design and service quality, in line with the best competition standards in the local market.
“We greatly appreciate this award for a number of reasons, mainly because it is in a field related to providing the best services to Customers. At QIIB, we focus greatly on serving our customers. Moreover, the award is granted by a well-established international company such as Visa, which has based its choices on data-driven and advanced models that reflect the true level of Products and Services offered at QIIB.”
Al-Meer continued, “We have channelled a lot of care and resources to invest in the field of innovation, which aims to design Products based on adequate studies of our Customers’ current needs and the expectations for the future needs, while ensuring we provide Customers with the appropriate knowledge and culture that enables them to judge the quality of the payment product and encourages them to choose what suits their needs”.
“The award was not unexpected as 2022 was an exceptional year for us in the field of payment products, be it in terms of quantity or quality. We have received many positive indicators from the banking market as a reflection of this intensive work that we have done, the most important of which was the steady expansion of our customer base and the increasing demand for our products and services”.
He continued, “One of our distinguished achievements during 2022 was providing various products and services through our digital channels, which in turn led to a spike in the provision of such services. These received wide recognition and generated great satisfaction to our customers who were able to obtain financing products through these digital channels in addition to various card products, money transfer services and much more.”
Al-Meer expressed his confidence that, “QIIB will continue its leadership role in the local Banking sector and pursue its efforts to further leverage its role as a reliable provider of retail and corporate payment products and services of all kinds. QIIB will continue to strengthen its partnership with local and international partners, led by Visa, which represents an ideal choice for all digital card and payment solutions”.
Dr Sudheer Nair said, “Visa is delighted to present this award to QIIB. As the global leader in digital payments, Visa strives to provide innovative, best in class solutions that address the evolving payment needs of consumers in Qatar. QIIB’s efforts in providing the innovative, secure digital payments that contribute to the growth of digital commerce in Qatar makes them a well-deserving recipient of this award.”
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