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Qatar University (QU), in co-operation with Qatar Media Corporation, is launching Monday a co-ordination meeting to empower media students and graduates, with the aim of refining their skills, developing their capabilities, and opening the doors of training and job opportunities for them, with the participation of officials from a number of media institutions in the country.
The meeting's agenda includes research into strategies and mechanisms for empowering media students and graduates, opening training and employment opportunities in media institutions and public relations and strategic communication departments.
It will also discuss how to confront fake news and be credible, accurate and professional.
Participants also will present their visions on linking theoretical study with field work and raising students' efficiency to enable them to actively participate in the renaissance that the country is witnessing in all sectors.
HE CEO of Qatar Media Corporation Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani al-Thani, stressed the importance of mobilising and developing human energies to meet the requirements of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the field of media.
HE President of Qatar University Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham, expressed his hopes and aspirations for this meeting to be a turning point in the relationship between the Department of Media and the Qatar Media Corporation.
He pointed out that this event represents a practical translation of the university's strategic plan aimed at providing society with a graduate who meets the various developmental needs sought by the State.
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