The Qatari Forum for Authors (QFA) has announced the launch of its annual plan of activities and events for 2023, including several cultural initiatives that enhance the presence of writers and authors in society.
QFA director-general Dr Aisha Jassim al-Kuwari said that the forum’s new strategy for this year includes new projects for the current year with a new look and different imprint, some of which were already launched during this month.
She said that among the most significant events in the forum’s new strategy is a “get more and create” competition for all age groups, from children to adults, to encourage them to read.
Dr al-Kuwari said that other new activities include the “tale event”, which hosts the most significant writers in Qatar who achieved substantial successes, not only in the field of writing but also in different levels.
The “tale event” shows the major success experiences achieved by a significant category of Qatari writers and authors in several fields, representing an example and a successful role model revealing part of the life of these successful characters to be a source of inspiration for the Qatari youth and society in general.
This initiative will be launched by the end of this month.
Dr al-Kuwari said that the QFA is currently seeking to attract new writers, especially young people, and encourage them to put forward their initiatives, in a way that contributes to enriching the cultural movement, while being keen to honour adult writers and encourage them to return to enrich the cultural scene to benefit from their experiences and ideas.
She appreciated the continuous support of the Ministry of Culture for the QFA, and noted that the new building to which the forum will move will be a home for writers and an umbrella for their intellectual meetings and various activities.