As part of its “Warm Hearts” winter campaign, Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed winter clothes to 342 orphans, the poor and the needy in Yemen.
This assistance comes within the framework of comprehensive care programmes for orphans, alleviating the suffering of groups of poor people, and extending a helping hand to mitigate the risks of the severe winter cold, a press statement notes.
"I thank the benevolent people in Qatar and Qatar Charity for adopting the winter clothes project, which came at the right time due to the need of our children for it,” Nayef al-Kulaisi, the mother of an orphan, said. “I am pleased with these clothes because they protect my son from the severity of the cold."
“Helping orphans is a seed of good, and whoever seeks to plant it will reap its fruits in heaven,” said Aziz Saleh, who is the grandfather of two orphans.
“We know that the good people in Qatar do not (require) our thanks, as they seek reward from God Almighty, but what they do has a great impact on the hearts of the orphans whose joy we saw today,” said Yahya al-Gharsi, the uncle of one of the orphans.
Qatar Charity launched the winter campaign in October and has provided early assistance in northern Syria.
It also proceeded with assistance for severe cold, rain and snow through aid convoys, starting this month to help refugees and poor families.
The number of these convoys is 250.
The initiative targets about half a million refugees, displaced persons and poor families in six countries – Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria and Yemen.
The aid included the distribution of food baskets and winter supplies such as winter clothes, blankets, heaters and heating fuel.
The first instalment of the campaign covered Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and families.
A delegation from the QC visited each of the centres of Bekaa, Akkar and Arsal in Lebanon.
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