The activities of the eighth edition of the Carthage Musical Days kicked off Saturday at night at the Opera Theater in the city of culture, Chadli Kelibi, in the center of the Tunisian capital. The activities will continue until January 28, with the participation of a group of artists and bands from the Arab world, Europe and the United States of America.
In its current edition, the festival introduced two new sections, the first is entitled 'Carthage Musical Days Market,' which is an exhibition for players in the field of music industries, and aims to introduce musical products and meet amateurs who collect musical instruments, repair and sell these instruments, while the other section - under the title 'Carthage Musical Days in Virtual Reality,' aims to enable festival-goers to keep up with virtual musical performances.
Director of the Festival Dorsaf Hamdani said that the Carthage Music is a platform for meeting creative musicians, introducing musical works and new projects, and highlighting emerging talents, adding that the program includes 40 performances from 18 countries and a series of professional meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as honoring a number of contemporary and late artists.
The inauguration witnessed honoring Tunisian artists, most notably the late artist Reda Dicky, the artist Alia Al Salami, the artist Fawzi Al Shukaili, and the Egyptian musician Salim Sahab. As for the last part of the opening ceremony, a performance was presented by the 'hand-ban' group, led by musician and drummer Anas Al Halabi, who is considered the first in the world to establish a private orchestra for the 'hand-ban' instrument.