The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the international community and the American administration to lay out compelling initiatives for the Israeli side to halt all unilateral and illegal occupation measures, as well as achieve pacification as a priority to restore the political prospect for conflict resolution.
In a statement, the ministry condemned the constant violations perpetrated by the occupation authorities and their forces, settlers, and armed elements against the Palestinians, their lands, homes, property, and sacred places in an open and official Israeli war on all Palestinian people in general, and the regions designated C, in particular.
The menace of the violations committed by the Israeli occupation is controlling the Palestinian citizens' life on a daily basis, and such violations are considered an Israeli determination to escalate the situations in the flashpoint zone, and represent an underestimation of the international stances and demands to stop the violations, and achieve pacification in order to make room for the international efforts to rebuild confidence between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned.