With the aim of creating awareness and increasing the production and consumption of millets, the United Nations (UN), at the behest of the Indian government, has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYoM).
To celebrate this important UN initiative, the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC Qatar) and the Indian embassy in Doha have joined hands to kickstart the IYoM activities starting with a gathering of hypermarket representatives and food importers in Qatar.
In his opening remarks, IBPC vice-president K P Ashraf welcomed the delegates and briefly explained the agenda. Angeline Premalatha, counsellor (Political and Commerce) at the Indian embassy, explained the significance of the International Year of Millets and the desire to host various activities to raise awareness about millets in Qatar and their importance in the daily diet.
Allevia Medical Center nutritionist and dietician Renitha Richard gave a presentation on the various health benefits of millets, while IBPC vice-president Hisham Abdul Raheem proposed various initiatives to promote millets in Qatar.
Later, Team IBPC also met with the management representatives of Radio Malayalam, Mirchi One and Radio Olive-Suno to kickstart the year-long public awareness campaign for millets.
More information about the IYoM is available at https://ibpcqatar.com/ and its social media platforms.
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