Dr Amitav Ghosh, one of India's most celebrated writers in the English language and a recipient of the Jnanpith Award, visited Podar Pearl School on January 19.
The school president, Sam Mathew, along with the board members welcomed Dr Ghosh and said "pride and privilege to have an eminent personality who holds two Lifetime Achievement Awards and four Honorary Doctorates", a press statement noted.
The students were excited to meet and greet the renowned author. He had an interactive session with Grade 10 and 11 students.
While interacting with the student community, Dr Ghosh insisted on the relevance of being empathetic in the contemporary world. He said: “Peer group plays a vital role in shaping one’s perspective about the society as well as one’s personality.”
He also shared his thoughts on sustainable development and spoke at length about the significance of being self-reliant to curb consumerism.
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