Moschino’s Resort 2023 Womenswear eased its way into more democratic proposal with a chiseled floor-length dress featuring a vivid cut-out above the neckline: a clear statement that ‘affordable’ isn’t the same as bashful, and it’s time to celebrate the classic glamour with a touch contemporary cuts. Tailoring and shirting, either nipped or magnified in all the interesting places, with prints in whimsical patterns for a tropical cocktail party – there’s nothing boring here that you see, but just retro elaborately constructed silhouettes that are two-piece ensembles as well, very girly and feminine in every sense.
In Moschino’s world nothing’s dark at the moment. The brand embraces so much colour that only few of designers can match it for exuberance. Colours sell, so why not lean into that success, why not say yes to happiness of happy customers and girls. These clothes are sexy, not conventionally, but make a woman feel sensual, and in her body and in her skin.
Between the heels, pantsuits and coral prints you can magnify well on the bear and happy face formations printed on both garments and bags – you’d be inclined to call it a holiday collection, which it is in every sense.
The collection starts off with a cherry print, though these little fruits are sugared and green, adding a visual garnish to the tropical cocktail. The groove starts to emerge: It’s a look that’s slightly hippie, slightly disco, and slightly formal, with an emphasis on long silhouettes alongside go-go miniskirts and short-shorts.
Crochet pieces add to the vintage vibes – in some cases, they’re quilted together, depicting flowers, smiley faces, and a version of Moschino’s teddy bear. Mixed in retro airport upholstery patterns, wavy jacquards and polka-dot embroideries enhance the atmosphere across a maxi-dress, leggy trousers, a beret and much more.
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