Science India Forum (SIF) Qatar, under the patronage of the Indian embassy, has organised the Qatar Children Science Congress (QCSC) every year since 2015 under a focal theme and sub themes relevant to the contemporary world.
The theme was 'Understanding Ecosystem for health and well-being'.
A total of 164 teams from 19 schools participated in QCSC - 2022 Contest and underwent three rounds of evaluation. The project evaluations were conducted by a team of scientists, professionals and technocrats. A total of 49 teams were shortlisted for the third and final evaluation round held in November.
All the submitted project reports were assessed by eminent professors, scientists and professionals in the field and trained by National Children's Science Congress (NCSC) trainers. The projects were assessed by two evaluators in the preliminary rounds and in the final, by consensus among all the evaluators.
The winner (NCSC qualifier) in the senior category is Bhavan's Public School comprising of team leader Adithya Ajith Pillai, team member Ayaan Mohd. Najeeb and guide teacher Arun Kumar Sampathu. The first runner-up (NCSC qualifier) is Birla Public School comprising team leader Kishan Ramesh, team member Vikramaditya and guide teacher Sunitha Ramesh. The second runner up is DPS-Modern Indian School comprising team leader Aditya Shukla, team member Abaan Abdullah Shanid and guide teacher Noushaja Keloth.
The winner in the Junior category is DPS Modern Indian School comprising team leader Syeda Aleeza Anaum, team member Maairah Rimas Chadkan and guide teacher Steffi Herald Francis. The first runner-up is Birla Public School comprising team leader Hridul Sreenivasan, team member Alan Ton George Thomas and guide teacher Kalidasan Shanmugam. The second runner-up is Rajagiri Public School comprising team leader Sonit Puri, team member Arush Ranjit and guide teacher Chitra Rajendran.
The top two projects are nominated for the NCSC to be held in Ahmedabad, India from January 27-31. The project team leader of the qualifying team will be participating in the NCSC from Qatar with the option of the guide teachers accompanying them on their own accord.
SIF expressed special thanks to the guide teachers for guiding the students and being a motivator for them at every stage of the competition. The role of parents in supporting their children is also commendable. SIF also acknowledges the genuine efforts taken by young scientists in completing their project works and appreciates the consistent hard work to bring about such innovative projects.
SIF also congratulated all the students who participated in the contest. "We have received many outstanding projects, that is worthy of a praise. Each student who participated in this contest will receive a certificate of participation," a SIF statement added.
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