The Ministry of Labour received about 5,616 applications for new recruitment, according to its statistical bulletin for December of 2022.
As many as 2,569 applications were approved and 3,047 rejected. While there were 3,376 requests to modify one’s profession, 3,374 were approved and two rejected.
According to the bulletin issued by the ministry Wednesday, 1,244 work permit applications were received in December, including 561 permit renewal applications, 459 issuance of new permit applications, and 224 applications for cancelling issued permits.
The ministry carried out 59 inspection visits to labour recruitment offices, resulting in the issuance of six warnings to amend the violations. Advice and guidance were also provided to the recruitment offices.
During December, the Labour Inspection Department carried out a total of 3,375 inspection visits to monitor the extent to which establishments comply with the laws and ministerial decisions concerned with regulating the labour market in the country and resulted in registering 695 violations against companies, and the issuance of 592 warnings.
The statistical bulletin showed that the Labour Relations Department received about 1,757 complaints from workers against their employers, as per the provisions of the Labour Law. While 389 complaints were settled, 249 were referred to the labor dispute settlement committees, and 1,163 complaints remained under procedure.
The ministry also received 62 complaints from domestic workers, out of which 23 were settled. Eight complaints were referred to the labour dispute settlement committees, while 31 complaints remained under procedure. The Labour Relations Department received 89 complaints from the public and all of them were settled.
According to the monthly statistical bulletin, while 1,734 cases were referred to the dispute settlement committees during December, 378 decisions were issued and 672 are still under procedure.
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