The Qatar Collegiate Sports Federation (QCSF) has announced its slogan “Sport inspires Education” which shows the harmonic relation and common vision between the QCSF and high education institutions in their enduring quest to organise several sport and social activities over the next stage.
The slogan launching step came out of the vision of the QCSF officials and some representatives of high education institutions, including universities, academics, colleges, and high institutes. 'Sport inspires Education' is a perfect slogan that will strengthen the co-operation between the two sectors.
This announcement has come to complete the QCSF founding measures, as the federation had already unveiled its message, vision and goals in August. The QCSF objective is to develop sport and physical activities at the higher education institutions in a way that could significantly strengthen the sport culture and encourage society, individuals and higher education students to engage in sports day in and day out.
QCSF is an entity that acts as a complementary level to these sport activities organised at earlier learning stages. This federation will spare no effort to support the most talented students, develop their sport and physical skills and show Qatar’s legacy and culture as a sport loving nation.
QCSF president Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh al-Naimi said: "We are truly happy and proud to take this slogan “Sport inspires Education" for our federation, because we always seek to invest in our national sport talents to take our unique sport movement to a new professional level.”
“Sport will continue playing a key role in Qatar 2030 National Vision, we aspire to see Qatar having a leading global sport status by bringing the world together throughout sustainable sport development,” added Dr al-Naimi.
QCSF secretary general, Rashid Adiba said: “We are grateful for this close co-operation with the high education institutions, who are leaving no stone unturned to support our vision, message, objectives and slogan.”
“Together, we will keep working hard to build up a better future of sport and education that is brighter and stronger for generations to come,” Adiba said.
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