Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QSW), an affiliate of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, organised a graduation ceremony for 122 male and female employees of those who are working in QSW and the centers affiliated with it after they have acquired the knowledge in the leadership training program presented by Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC), which aims to enhance their leadership capabilities and upgrade their personal and vocational potential through the national leadership program offered by QLC.
Targeting the institution's employees and its affiliated centers, along with the employees operating in the civil society organisations, the program aims to enhance their national talents through the professional training courses, training and executive guidance as per institution's needs.
In his remarks on this occasion, CEO of QSW Ahmad bin Mohammed Al Kuwari said that he stands today holding the feelings of pride after the graduation of the 2019-2022 batch of QSW's employees and its affiliated centers after studying the leadership training program under the supervision of QLC, as a national platform concerned with excellence in the leadership field, pointing out that the program was launched with the objective of upgrading the high-level leadership and administrative skills and talents of the employees who hold executive positions in QSW and the centers, indicating that the program was executed for 122 graduates from QSW's employees and centers over three years.
In his remarks to the graduates, Al Kuwari said that he is proud of the practical and administrative skills the graduates have acquired, in addition to the accomplishments made, and today they ultimately reap the fruit of the tireless efforts, conveying his congratulation to the graduates, wishing them further progress and success.
For his part, the General Manager of QLC Dr. Ahmad Abdullah Al Kuwari underscored the importance of investment in the human resources and the development of the leadership and executive skills, pointing out that the corporate programs were implemented in co-operation with QSW have contributed to exploring innovative solutions for the most crucial challenges facing the administrative work, along with the collective work skills, the latest developments in the area of strategic leadership, creative thought, management of change and decision-making, since the corporate programs at QLC that was launched in 2014, representing a unique platform for leadership knowledge.
Director of the program Nour Al Ali said that the program is a training and leadership one that was offered to the senior employees at the institution, along with the affiliated centers in co-operation with QLC, pointing out that the program lasted for three years, adding that the program was launched in September 2019 and ended in February 2022, while the program included 4 extensive training programs in leadership that were presented to 122 male and female employees, pointing out that the first program included the enhancement of the institution's culture and simulating the spirit of values' system, while the second program tackled the self-management and development, the third program included topics of managing work teams, whilst the fourth program was concluded by corporate governance.
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