The Russian Federation is preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine, and those who support Kyiv in NATO must continue to send weapons until Russian President Vladimir Putin realises that he cannot win on the battlefield. This was stated by Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with AFP on Friday, December 16, European Pravda writes.
Thus, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg warned that there are no signs that Putin "has given up on his overall goal of controlling Ukraine."
"We should not underestimate Russia. Russia is planning a long war," Stoltenberg said in an interview.
"We see that they are mobilising more forces, that they are also willing to suffer a lot of casualties, that they are trying to get access to more weapons and ammunition. We have to understand that President Putin is ready to be in this war for a long time and start new offensive operations," he added.
According to Stoltenberg, most likely, this war will end at the negotiating table, like most wars, but any final decision must ensure "the victory of Ukraine as a sovereign, independent nation."
"The fastest way to achieve this is to support them with military force, so that President Putin understands that he cannot win on the battlefield, but must sit down and negotiate honestly," said the NATO Secretary General.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov stated that Putin is preparing a major offensive against Ukraine in February.

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