Ooredoo Group has partnered with industry giants to upgrade the experience of professional journalists covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, transforming the way they work and making the process smarter and faster than ever before, a statement said.
Enabled by Ooredoo Qatar’s IoT-managed network and partner’s IoT Accelerator Platform, new connected cameras have been deployed at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to facilitate real-time uploading of images via secure, fast, and reliable connectivity, it was explained.
Photojournalists covering the event have had the game-changing opportunity to save time and effort by eliminating the delay in uploading and editing images for circulation and publication while waiting to connect to a fixed link.
Deputy Group CEO and Ooredoo Qatar CEO Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulla al-Thani said: “Connected cameras are set to transform the world of photojournalism. Our strategic partnership with major technology providers marks another significant step in our goal to deliver upgraded digital experiences for all, from the journalists covering Qatar’s 2022 momentous event to the billions of people eagerly following its progress around the world.
“The opportunities to collaborate with leading international brands to upgrade user experiences by leveraging technology and innovation across sectors have never been more abundant. We are very excited to witness the positive impact of our IoT-managed network when employed with the right partners.”
This aligns with Ooredoo’s strategic pillar to evolve today’s core to the smart telco, partnering with key industry players agilely across multiple operations and introducing attractive new services for consumers and businesses. Customers can expect this advanced IoT Connect technology supporting 5G will be in high demand in the future, with photojournalists able to easily subscribe to live photo publication services. Ooredoo Qatar IoT Connect Platform supporting 5G will also enable data-intensive IoT applications and Smart use cases for faster realisation in the local and international markets.
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