United Development Company (UDC)’s exciting line-up of events and visitor attractions at The Pearl Island have achieved outstanding success among tourists, fans and local visitors since the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, UDC has said.
With the number of people attending each day reaching full capacity, The Pearl Island has been one of the leading visitor hotspots and the ultimate fan destination so far during the World Cup.
The significant visitor influx to The Pearl Island reflects UDC’s organisational success, whether in terms of world-class entertainment content suitable for visitors of all ages and walks of life, or in terms of the smooth arrangements to accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors and vehicles with total ease, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic, whose support was crucial to the successful management of traffic without any major incidents occurring.
Despite The Pearl Island reaching its maximum visitor capacity, people were able to move smoothly, comfortably and easily from one activity or attraction to another, as was planned by UDC, which explains why the peak attendance numbers were consistently high on a daily basis, not to forget the major role played by the metrolink and Pearl Bus complimentary services in easing transportation in and out as well as within The Pearl Island, a press statement notes.
While many events were taking place concurrently in different locations at The Pearl Island, each of them succeeded in attracting big crowds, starting with Qarnevale Quartier’s 10 days of dazzling masquerade-style festival, organised in collaboration with Festi Group, founder and organiser of the famous Venice Carnival. Then, there was Medinafest, which concluded on Dec 8, brimming with international street performances inspired by European, American, Asian and African heritage.
The Arabia Experience reflects Qatari culture through arts, hospitality tents and the marketplace, while Porto Beat is a dazzling DJ and visual effects experience that spreads positive festive vibes.
The latter two attractions continue until December 18, along with the live screening of matches at Porto Arabia’s Amphitheatre.
In addition to these events, new attractions announced by UDC for the World Cup were equally popular among visitors, including Duck Lake, Beach Centrale, The Pearl Fountain and The Pearl Photo Walk, not to forget the opening of the spectacular Kai's Songbird restaurant from London, at Corinthia Yacht Club, The Pearl Island, the inauguration of Corinthia Golf Club at Gewan Island, and the big variety of restaurants and retail shops that were filled with tourists throughout the day, since the launch of UDC’s World Cup events at The Pearl Island.
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