HE Prof Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of the Cultural Village Katara, Wednesday released 22 books issued by Katara Publishing House, which deal with the FIFA World Cup since its inception in 1930 and events thereof.
Katara is hosting hundreds of cultural and sports-related events coinciding with the ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 for visitors and World Cup fans from the world over.
The 22 books by Katara Publishing House contain distinguished sports content and have been produced in "record time" to enrich the sports culture of those interested in football and the history of the World Cup, a press statement notes. All publications are in Arabic, while 10 books have been translated into English. These will be distributed in the VIP seating areas at stadiums where matches are being held and will also be available at the Katara Publishing House.
Among the most important of these publications is the book 'World Cup Qatar 2022, Soft Powers in the Middle East', authored by Dr Khaled al-Jaber, who has touched on the elements of soft power in the modern era, including sports.
The book 'Football Stars in Qatar', written by Prof Maryam al-Nuaimi, deals with the journey of 27 players who formed the first nucleus of football teams in Qatar.
Among the publications is also the book 'Sports Engineering in the World Cup 2022' by Khaled Abdel Rahim al-Sayed, which deals with Qatar’s facilities for the World Cup, and their connection to sustainability.
HE Prof Dr al-Sulaiti also inaugurated a Qatar Society of Engineers event - Football & Sports Engineering.
Many major sports institutions and companies are participating in this event, including Paris Saint-Germain, Lusail Football Academy, Escura, and N.S.A Tech, the last two companies specialising in artificial intelligence.
The event includes various paragraphs and activities, including motor activities for children and adults, and interactive competitions that use artificial intelligence to analyse their results, including a competition to score a goal that simulates one of the most important goals by Argentina legend Diego Maradona.
The companies participating also provide ways to predict potential injuries to players. Through certain measurements, these technologies will help sports clubs avoid the absence of stars for long periods due to injury, the statement adds.
Meanwhile, other cultural, arts and entertainment events continue in all parts of Katara amid the distinguished and high turnout of World Cup fans and visitors.
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