Qatar, represented by the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority (ACTA), participated via videoconferencing in the fourth international conference of the anti-corruption commission in the State of Palestine, which took place from December 5-7.
The conference, titled "Fighting corruption: a collective and integral national responsibility, loyalty, responsibility, commitment", aims to focus on the importance of collective national responsibility and determine the effectiveness of the roles of various parties in promoting collective national responsibility in combating corruption, It highlights the importance of community participation in anti-corruption efforts, It showcases several successful experiences and reviews best international practices in this field.
HE ACTA Chairman Hamad bin Nasser Al Misnad said that the anti-corruption process cannot be achieved by a single party, regardless of its efforts and capabilities, pointing out that this matter requires concerted national efforts of all sectors: public, private, and civil society, as the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the Arab Convention against Corruption, and many international agreements have emphasised the necessity of this issue.
Al Misnad explained that anti-corruption policies must be comprehensive and consistent with all segments of society participating in developing and implementing them. He added that adopting this participatory approach in preventing and combating corruption enables identifying all aspects of this destructive phenomenon, knowing its real causes, and encouraging all concerned parties to participate effectively in combating it.
His Excellency stressed the keenness of Qatar to follow this participatory approach in its efforts to prevent and combat corruption, through government agencies, public institutions and bodies, the private sector, and civil society, in addition to ACTA's tireless work in exercising its functions and competencies. He highlighted the general awareness of national responsibilities within the framework of community awareness of the importance of combating corruption and addressing all practices and deviations involving corruption.

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