Katara, the Cultural Village has continued to present a diverse panorama of events and activities within its festive programme for the ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with a remarkable presence of visitors, comprising tourists of various nationalities and football fans.
The murals on Katara buildings have become a favourite background for many to take selfies and photos. Joseph, a fan from France said: “I was very impressed by these murals, as I am a fan of graffiti art. I also admired the sculptures and works of art scattered throughout the Katara.”
Mario from Argentina said: “Katara is magical and beautiful. We took a lot of photos, whether with people or with these beautiful works of art. I also loved the architecture, its view of the sea, and diverse and luxurious buildings.”
Naomi from Ukraine said: “The beauty is that you can learn about many things at the same time at Katara, such as the culture of the people of the country and other cultures, in addition to getting to know the local cuisine and its delicious dishes, and meeting people of various nationalities. Personally, I loved the art exhibitions and the interest in presenting the local culture in the best way.”
Dr Najeeb Nazim, the general supervisor of Katara Oud Centre said: “We offer three daily sessions for the public to enjoy Oud recitals of famous artists Siddiqui, Najib Nazim, Riad Boualem, Mohamed al-Sulaiti, Faisal al-Najm.We will also present two lectures on the history of the Oud, in which we will discuss the various stages during the 5,000 years of the history of this ancient instrument.”
On Wednesday at 7pm at Katara Oud Centre's headquarters in Building 6 there will be a special concert with the participation of a group of well-known musicians, he added.
Near the model of the largest sports shoe in the world, the activities of the Qatar Society of Engineers were launched - "Football and Sports Engineering". It includes a variety of activities for children and adults which assess the performance of football players by tracking the movement of players. Parents can obtain a report about their children’s football skills after conducting simple tests using artificial intelligence.
Many major sports institutions and companies are participating in these events, including Paris Saint-Germain, Lusail Football Academy, Asura, and N S A Tech, the latter two specialising in Artificial Intelligence.
In Building 46 there is an exhibition of rare watches from international brands and dating back to different periods of time, in addition to paintings, books, and clippings from old and new newspapers and magazines about watches.
The Katara Publishing House is scheduled to launch 22 books it published on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Wednesday afternoon, in Building 18, along with eight books, including those translated into English.
Further, the visitors to Katara watch daily, starting at 3.30pm, a military show presented by the Military Show Centre and the Qatari Armed Forces Music Battalion on the Katara waterfront.
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