Visitors and guests of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar have been experiencing a distinctive cultural and tourism experience at Katara Cultural Village. Among the key attractions are pavilions of the countries participating in the traditional dhow festival on the Katara Beach, amid an atmosphere rich in maritime heritage.
Nine countries are participating in the 12th edition of the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival – which coincides with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and runs until December 18.
Among the pavilions is the Iraqi House with its various activities that are drawing the interest of visitors. On display are traditional crafts and handicrafts such as carpets and palm fronds, in addition to various exhibits related to the marine heritage in Iraq.
Meanwhile, the superviser of the Omani House said: “As a whole, the Omani participation is distinguished at the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, whether in relation to the exhibits of the Omani House pertaining to the Omani maritime heritage or the famous Omani sweets industry, as well as the presence of a number of craftsmen specialised in Al Tawasha - fishing tools. We also have an Omani folk band, which continuously presents a show that draws the admiration of the audience.”
The Tanzanian House provides the public with an insight into the marine heritage of the African country.
One of the participants at their pavilion said: “We provide visitors with everything related to the sea and fishing, whether in terms of jewellry or clothes and bags, as well as handicrafts related to women's adornment in particular. There are also some pictures and drawings inspired by the culture of Tanzania. Our booth
is witnessing a great turnout of people from different nationalities.”
The Zanzibar pavilion superviser added: “We participate in the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival every year. We provide visitors with live performances of painting and traditional crafts in Zanzibar related to fishing and sea work, which show that we share a common heritage and history with other countries of the region.”
The Katara Traditional Dhow Festival features a number of pavilions that offer various activities of an artistic, cultural and commercial nature. The Palestinian pavilion presents a scene inspired by the traditional Palestinian life with a group of women preparing traditional bread. This pavilion is highly popular with international visitors, a press statement notes.
Traditional dresses at the festival also attract visitors, while the heritage photography pavilion sees women, men and even children take souvenir photographs wearing the Qatari dress.
Traditional marine crafts are also attracting audiences. These include the making of medicines for fishing, live in front of the audience, and the craft related to the manufacture of ships and boats (Qalaf), which occupies a prominent position among traditional industries for their various types and uses in fishing and diving, pearls and trade, in addition to other folk crafts such as palmettes, wooden items, blacksmithing, spinning industry (fishing nets), ropes, gargoyles (metal cages) and the manufacture of other ancient marine artifacts.
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