French fans hailed the atmosphere in which the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is taking place and the good organisation of the global event.
The fans, who are six friends, told Le Monde newspaper they were surprised by the high-quality organisation, and the level of security and safety in Qatar, adding that it has dispelled their misconceptions about Doha.
If one forgot his wallet on the table, he will find it where he forgot it, they told the correspondent.
The paper said that the French fans had doubts and concerns about an expected mistreatment in Doha based on the wide-spread campaigns against Qatar. However, as soon as they arrived in Doha, they kept praising the wonderful atmosphere in the country.
The fans added they first felt ashamed to tell their friends about plans to visit Qatar, and thought of cancelling their tickets.
However, all disinformation promoted against this country is nonsense, the conditions in Qatar are more flexible, and the festive atmosphere of the World Cup is enjoyable, they told the newspaper.
The report hailed Qatar's World Cup hosting as accurate and flawless, amid a unique mix of cultures.
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