A considerable number of tourists and fans have flocked to the Qatari deserts during the ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, stressing that it has been an immensely interesting and unique experience.
Some of them told local Arabic daily Arrayah that they enjoyed in particular the sense of serenity, open stretches of sands and the sunset over the dunes, in addition to rides on camels and quad bikes.
They pointed out that experiencing the Qatari desert was very different from other places as they enjoyed the good weather and bright sunlight over ample spaces of sands and dunes. Some enjoyed camping near the beaches with open air dinner and swimming in the sea.
Dan from Brazil stressed that he and his family enjoyed a completely unique and different experience in the Qatari deserts that exceeded their best expectations, as the trip organiser gave them a feeling of how the older generations used to live in the deserts. He said his trip was very comfortable and convenient as all the amenities and services were provided.
Olivia from Ecuador said she lived a new adventure in the Qatari deserts. She pointed out the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has been an eye opener for people from around the world to this region and its magic and beauty.
Michael from the US had an amazing experience and he took some good photos of the sunset over the Qatari dunes. He said that he enjoyed the beaches of Qatar as they surround the deserts, which make the place really distinct.
Barak from Russia said he liked the Sealine and Khor Al Udaid as they offer tourists an excellent location and wide variety of activities.
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