Qatar Charity inaugurated the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in Nigeria in the presence of several Nigerian officials, Qatar Charity officials, and the Qatari philanthropist who donated to establish the centre.
The centre that was inaugurated is considered one of the most important Islamic centres in Okene city of Nigeria.
It includes a mosque, a school for teaching and memorising the Holy Qur'an, library, water well, additional places of ablution, umbrellas, air conditioners, and furniture.
The number of beneficiaries from the centre is expected to reach roughly 2,300 people thanks to the expansion works, allowing them to perform congregational prayers and hold religious awareness lectures.
It also helps, through the Qur'an teaching school, teach children and young adults the Holy Qur'an and the provisions of its recitation in attractive ways making the centre a beacon of faith and education in the region.
In addition to the deep well, the centre has a tank with a capacity of 15,000 liters, and it has been connected to the neighborhood for the benefit of the residents living in the vicinity of the centre.
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