Visitors to Katara have praised the activities accompanying the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, being presented by the Cultural Village Foundation until December 18. The visitors have expressed admiration for the diverse and rich cultural, arts and entertainment events that showcase the culture and heritage of Qatar and the region and narrate a deeply-rooted history.
On Thursday evening, the Katara amphitheatre hosted a concert of elegant melodies by Kuwaiti artiste Hammoud al-Khader. It was attended by a large audience of fans. At the same time, the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival continued to receive lovers of maritime heritage of various nationalities. The festival's activities attract thousands of spectators and visitors who are keen to explore the pavilions on Katara Beach and attend the diverse and enjoyable cultural, artistic and heritage events, presenting to the World Cup guests the ancient culture of Qatar, its great maritime heritage, and coexistence with a reality that narrates the glories of the era of pearl diving, fishing and sea voyages, a press statement notes.
Heritage museums participating in the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival - Museum of the late Jassim al-Mannai, the Abdul Aziz al-Buhashim al-Sayed Museum, and the Isa al-Mulla Museum - attract lovers of old collectibles and fishing tools and means that tell exciting stories about fishing trips and pearl diving, to shed light on their sacrifices and voyages.
Meanwhile, the Iranian cultural exhibition at Katara (Hall 12), which is being held in co-operation with the Iranian embassy in Doha, is witnessing a remarkable turnout of visitors. The ring art suite (wood inlays) draws the interest of art lovers because of its beauty, accuracy and creativity. It is based on inlaying the brightest wooden pieces with geometric shapes of small and delicate triangles of mosaics next to each other and by using ivory, gold, silver, copper, aluminium.
The audience expressed admiration for this ancient art, which is rooted in the depth of the diverse Iranian culture. The exquisite pieces of art are considered among the best souvenirs to be acquired.
The artistic performances on Saturday at Katara also continued to witness large audiences of different groups, nationalities and ages. The 'World Wonders Balloon Tour', in addition to the Bosnian folklore show presented by the Bosnian embassy in co-operation with Katara, are among the key attractions.
The highly appreciated Katara Fashion Show saw designers using traditional fabrics with designs inspired by the aesthetics of Qatari heritage along with innovations and
modern touches.
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