A cultural symposium, held on Friday evening as part of the Darb Al-Saai activities, highlighted the role of Qatari women and their significant contributions to the development of various aspects in society.
Director of the Mohamed Bin Hamad Al-Thani Centre for Muslim Contributions to Civilisation at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s College of Islamic Studies, Dr Aisha Yousef al-Mannai, Qatari Forum for Authors director-general Dr Aisha Jassim al-Kuwari, and journalist Hessa al-Suwaidi participated in the symposium which was held under the title of *Qatari Women ... Great Roles and Achievements in Society, and moderated by journalist Ahmed al-Saadi.
The participants spoke about the roles played by Qatari women in various fields, associated with their adherence to Islamic culture, as well as Qatari customs and traditions.
Dr al-Mannai said that Qatari women make great contributions to society because of their broad Islamic culture, adding that Qatari women are keen to adhere to the customs and traditions of their society, just as they are keen to raise their children on these virtues.
She explained that women have been peers to Qatari men for a long time, contributing to the growth of women's role in different spheres, under the constitution that gave men and women equal rights and duties, and stressed that Qatari women have preserved their identity despite entering various fields.
Dr al-Kuwari drew attention to the success of Qatari women within and without the country, presenting many examples in this regard, and noted the presence of Qatari women writers who participate in introducing Qatari culture in various fields of creativity, and assuming responsibility for cultural affairs like men.
Al-Suwaidi emphasised the ability of the Qatari female intellectuals, who are proud of their beliefs and heritage, to courageously work and open up with various cultures in light of the deep-rooted and solidly founded constants.
She said that women can be ambassadors of local culture through opening up to the other world, in service of the work they do in entrepreneurship, culture or media.