The state-of-the-art broadcast network delivered by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is helping media to screen the FIFA World Cup in 4K resolution for the first time.
The 1TB bandwidth network connects eight stadiums, 33 Team Base Camps and two studio clusters with the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), located at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), where live feeds are transmitted globally to billions of viewers.
“We have developed infrastructure that allows broadcasters to beam their pictures safely, quickly and in the highest resolution ever achieved at a FIFA World Cup,” SC ICT (information and communications technology) Event Operations executive director said Maryam al-Muftah. “We worked with cutting-edge technology and collaborated diligently with stakeholders to ensure fans across the world can enjoy this historic tournament in a quality never seen before in history.”
As well as providing an extensive high-speed fibre optic network, the SC is offering a range of services to FIFA’s Media Rights Licensees, including high-speed broadband connectivity and dedicated facilities to help them reach their audiences.
In addition, the SC has built a dynamic Internet Protocol TV network to allow media to broadcast live from all tournament venues.
The SC has also developed IT (information technology) and broadcasting infrastructure at all tournament venues, including high-speed Internet, display screens and other audiovisual equipment needed to screen the tournament.
“The IT infrastructure we have developed reflects our commitment to host a tournament that leverages the latest technological innovations,” said al-Muftah. “We have worked incredibly hard to deliver a high-quality, reliable and uninterrupted feed.”
The entire network is being supported by several satellites at the IBC that are also capable of transmitting the same high-quality feed to broadcasters around the world.
“Our work will leave a tremendous legacy for the country,” said al-Muftah. “Thanks to this experience, we have built local capacity and skills to provide a similar service in future – all of which can rely on an extensive fiber optic network delivering outstanding quality for broadcasters.”