Qatari artist Abdulaziz Yousef, also known as Temsa 7 (which means crocodile in Arabic), talks about his latest work ‘People From The World’, a goalpost he created in collaboration with Qatar Tourism for its ‘Posts of Qatar’ initiative.
‘Posts of Qatar’ showcases 10 distinctive goalpost art installations that frame some of the most iconic landmarks and Insta-worthy spots across the country.
Each installation has been created by an individual artist or a pair of artists, with two goalposts designed by artists from Qatar and the remaining eight by artists from nations that have previously won the tournament: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
Yousef, also a storyboard illustrator, began his career in 2013 as a comic artist. He holds a double major Bachelor of Finance and Marketing degree and has also studied arts in the US. His projects selections include characters design for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Diplomatic Kid project” as well as character design and plot for “Bader” a Qatari anime series.
Yousef also created “Saham” the Jeem Cup Mascot winning a bronze International Promax for the campaign. He had three personal galleries showcasing his art - Arabian Nights gallery, Escapism gallery, and Process gallery, and has collaborated on many art projects around Qatar including the Msherieb Metro station public art project, curation of Leblockde and Re-Action art galleries and the creation of the Unlearning Maze conceptual art experience. Besides, Yousef is an international award-winning film maker with six international awards for the short film “Yahoota” (2020).
Yousef says he has been very busy ahead of the World Cup, given his involvement in 12 multiple projects that vary between art galleries, apps, corporate gifts, public arts, campaigns and murals.
The Qatari artist describes his new artwork (and the entire initiative) as public art. "We need such projects especially during World Cup to create the tourism attraction needed to enhance the experience of visitors to Qatar."
Asked what inspired him to create a unique artwork such as ‘Countries of the World’ at Flag Plaza and what message does it convey to the public, Yousef said the work is a direct representation of the celebration of the World Cup. It conveys that Qatar welcomes everybody.
"Arts are very important soft power to shift paradigm of the region, and Qatar is amongst the leading countries applying such strategy. Qatar's art scene is rich and variable and interesting and the FIFA World Cup has given good exposure to the artists," said the artist who is interested in exploring stone as a monument around the city sometime and somewhere.
Yousef's message for aspiring artists in Qatar is: "Keep trying and keep doing what you are doing you must insist on shining and making your own mark."