• Katara Fashion Show begins this evening, to showcase collections of 16 designers from Qatar and Arab region
  • Dhow festival continues to be a big draw
The Katara Cultural Village Foundation will open a number of new exhibitions and events today, including the Katara Fashion Show, which will begin at 8pm at the Opera House.
The show titled 'Elegance Inspired by Authenticity' will be held until December 4.
The event is unique in Qatar and reflects Qatari women's passion for heritage and originality, and their innovative and modern designs, according to a press statement. Some 16 fashion designers from Qatar and other Arab countries will participate in the Katara Fashion Show. Each night will be dedicated to designs that blend the spirit of the past and the present with innovative, modern touches. Four designers will be featured on each night.

Meanwhile, Katara's activities accompanying the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 continue to attract thousands of visitors, including citizens, residents, fans and tourists from Qatar, the Gulf region and various countries of the world, belonging to different nationalities and age groups, in an atmosphere that is entertaining while also highlighting key heritage and cultural aspects.
Katara provides an attractive framework that takes visitors into a world of culture, arts and heritage through various exciting and interesting activities, shows and events, the statement notes.
Another key attraction, the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival is witnessing visits by a number of state guests and dignitaries. HE Prof Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, general manager of Katara, received Mary Munive Angermuller, Second Vice-President of Costa Rica and Minister of Sports, and accompanied her on a tour of the
festival and its pavilions.
He gave her a commemorative shield on the occasion of her visit.
The festival is also witnessing an increasing turnout of visitors and World Cup fans. Al Mahamil, who was among the fans, said: “I got to learn about the old life in Qatar. I am happy to be here and am thinking of visiting Qatar again with my friends because the people here are very nice, contrary to what I heard of before I came here.”
Veronique from France said: “This is the first time I am visiting this country and I am amazed by the sports facilities and by the nature of the people. They are all so very friendly and generous. Katara is a very beautiful place where people of different nationalities meet. All fans meet here to learn about the local heritage and culture.”
BJ from England says the weather here is pleasant and beautiful. He came to Qatar to watch the matches of England and will return to his country, along with his family, later due to the warm reception he has received. He also praised the beauty of Katara, saying: “This is the third time that I am visiting Katara. It is truly an exceptional place, and I admire this wonderful mixture between modernity and originality. I was attracted by the community's preservation of its cultural privacy, and at the same time everyone here is friendly and loves other cultures. Wherever we go, we find someone who guides us and welcomes us.”
William from the USA said: “I am very impressed with the organisation, arrangement and diversity of events and places. Katara is beautiful and it is an attractive and magical place. I bought some gifts, such as shells and others, because I liked them very much.”
Cho from South Korea, a social media influencer, said: "The nature here is different from Korea, and this is what I liked. It is a new, interesting and fun experience.”
Christina from Brazil expressed happiness at attending the World Cup and said: "I was very impressed with the marine jewellery made of pearls, and I bought many gifts for my friends and family."
Jose Torrio from Mexico added, “I came to Qatar for 10 days and was impressed by the cultural diversity that exists in Katara."
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