The Association of Secretaries General of Arab Parliaments affirmed its rejection of the European Parliament's recent resolution regarding human rights in Qatar within the framework of the country's hosting of the World Cup, stressing that allegations of human rights violations are based on false and misleading foundations and are not based on real facts.
The Association of Secretaries General of Arab Parliaments, which is chaired by HE Secretary-General of the Shura Council Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al Fadala, considered the European Parliament's resolution a continuation of the malicious and systematic campaigns directed against Qatar to question and undermine its right to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
In a statement on Wednesday, the Association said that the resolution ignored the successes and achievements made by Qatar over the past years leading to the opening of the World Cup and receiving fans from different cultures in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and good hospitality. It demanded the European Parliament to investigate with credibility and impartiality and review reports and statement related to the situation of workers and human rights in general in Qatar and not push this file in this malicious campaign or interfere in Qatar's internal affairs.
The Association of Secretaries General of Arab Parliaments affirmed its support for Qatar and what was issued by the Shura Council in its last session in response to the inaccuracies contained in the resolution of the European Parliament.
The statement added that among these fallacies are the efforts for gender equality, equal opportunities and women's empowerment, a file in which Qatar has made remarkable progress with the testimony of countries and international organisations without the need for evaluation or intervention from the European Parliament, the statement added.
The Association expressed its rejection of any interference in the internal affairs of the State of Qatar or any of the Arab countries, calling on the European Parliament to stop this behavior and respect international conventions and norms and the sovereignty of states in a way that achieves the interest of all and enhances the concept of coexistence.
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